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The true purpose of our lives is to be happy

- His Holiness, Dalai Lama

Truly said; our lives are nothing but a summation of the happiness we receive, and we give. MyVorld is inspired by this thought and our motive is to provide all our members joy of happiness, companionship, and healthy living. We offer nutritious food preparations, homely compassion, company of like-aged like-minded people, and food menus recommended by experienced nutritionists.
MyVorld offers you the freedom to choose from our wide range of ‘Happy Places’, be it in the calms of nature or a bustling metropolitan. It is for people who like to enjoy traveling, explore new places and eat heathy. We assure that our chosen ‘Happy Places’ either houses the owner(s) or are in the proximity so that you get satisfied service and personal care. MyVorld membership can be transferred to both the previous as well as succeeding generations.
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Below are some key services and criteria that defines MyVorld’s Happy Places.
We prefer property owners to be the host at our selected boutique homes, B&B houses, and accommodations for proper personal care.
Clean and sanitised places with vaccinated well trained staff and personnel
Our Mindful Eating recipes are prepared by chefs in guidance of our nutritionists.
Opted access to nutritionists and dieticians for specific diet plans.
Menu designed by our expert nutritionists to meet daily nutrition values.
On-demand yoga trainers and physiotherapists.
Food and beverages prepared from fresh and good-quality fruits, vegetables, pulses, spices, and condiments.
MyStore adds on to the value of ‘Mindful Eating’ by providing quality products to your Kitchen, by sourcing spices, pulses fresh from the farms and manufacturers. As a community we pass-on the benefits of nutrition at relevant prices to all our members.
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