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Relaxed, healthy and personal care that’s a Happy Place

MyVorld’s unique idea of stays be it a long vacation or a short trip; be it in the serenity of hills, playfulness of beaches or the inclusivity of a cosmopolitan is marked by one aspect; they should keep our guests relaxed, healthy and provide them with the personal care they deserve, in short, we provide ‘Happy Places’.
Our carefully selected accommodations are short-listed based on experiences of past stays of guests, reviews, references and most importantly by the fact that the property owner(s) either stay within their respective properties or in the vicinity to host the guests. We pay special attention to the surroundings of each ‘Happy Place’ and healthy eating option of good-quality fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, spices, and condiments.
Our Happy Places are selected on
recommendations, reviews and references.

Wooden Chalet

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