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Bringing back health and nutrition into our lives
In our stressful lifestyle, characterized by modern cosmopolitan ailments like hypertension, diabetes, increased cholesterol levels we have learned to live with them. Our constant wish is to maintain healthy eating habits but often it’s in vain. MyVorld offers a solution to bring back health and nutrition back in your happy life, we call this, ‘Mindful Eating’. Our members can opt to access custom-prepared diet charts and meal proportions prepared by MyVorld’s selected panel of nutritionists, post consultations. These diet recommendations are also passed on to our chefs who tailor-make culinary preparations as per your respective diet-charts at whichever ‘Happy Place’ you choose to stay at MyVorld.
The main aspects of MyVorld’s Mindful Eating
Access to Nutritionists
A select panel of Nutritionists who take care that you eat-right as per your respective health assessments.
Diet for Health
The diet programs can be custom prepared to meet short-term as well as long-term health goals.
Your Stay Your Health
All ‘Happy Places’ prepare tailor-made meals that are in line with your diet plan post your nutritionists’ recommendations.
A Mindful Eating Menu
Prepared as per recommendations from our Nutritionists meeting all dietary needs of a healthy body and mind. This menu is standard to all our ‘Happy Places’ available to all our guests.
We offer selection of pure, unadulterated food items like pulses, condiments, spices, herbs and beverages so that you can bring the same quality food ingredients to your kitchens even at your homes.
  • The Moringa + Ashwagandha

    Rs. 330.00 | 90 gms

  • The Moringa + Chamomile

    Rs. 350.00 | 90 gms

  • The Moringa + Lemon Grass

    Rs. 330.00 | 90 gms

  • The Moringa + Tulsi & Ginger

    Rs. 330.00 | 90 gms

  • Shashi Vijaysar Tea

    Rs. 450.00 | 90 gms

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Get access to your Health Partner

MyVorld believes that by adopting healthy eating habits you can attain a happy life. Having a right diet that fulfils your daily nutrient needs will minimize your medical bill. And what better place to start this then our ‘Happy Places’, where it can be served to you and would help to get you in the habit of ‘Mindful Eating.

MyVorld has selected and well-endowed nutritionists on its panel who will take care that you eat-right, eat-healthy, and eat-good. Be it a short-term diet plan or a long-term dietary program our nutritionists will be the best health partner that would guide you to a nutritious yet a full palette of tastes.

MyStore adds on to the value of ‘Mindful Eating’ by providing quality products to your Kitchen, by sourcing spices, pulses fresh from the farms and manufacturers. As a community we pass-on the benefits of nutrition at relevant prices to all our members.