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Family is about, who is willing to hold your hands when you need.

“What is this life if full of care; we have no time to stand and stare?” - W.H Davies

Truly, today we are living in a world that is becoming increasingly fast and keeping up with this frantic pace leaves us with little or no time to pause and find the meaning of this frenzy. As the years of vitality pass by rapidly, it is easy to lose sight of the journey or the destination ahead. Where does one get time enough to ponder over purpose of life, forge connections, remain healthy and create peace.

I have seen this happening in many families, including my own, where parents put their days and nights to provide for the family and leave their dreams for later. After retirement they wish to lead a carefree and healthy life on their own terms that is not bound to anything. All this time, they were worrying about providing the best for their children and could never fulfil their own desire to explore new places and spend leisure time. When they finally had time to fulfil their wishes, arranging for safe and comfortable accommodation, amiable company and nourishing food became a challenge.

I wished to change this for all those who face the same difficulty. The idea was to create a platform, for people of all ages, especially the Seniors, that offers choices to explore new places to stay for long or short duration, enjoy professionally suggested nutritious food and develop community living along with friends and family. This became the inspiration behind creating MyVorld. I genuinely believe that a little investment towards a meaningful life that brings us peace and happiness shall prove to go a very long way in making our lives more worthwhile, our world more beautiful.