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We all plan our lives from finances, health, family to insurance and retirement; and for what? Simply put, to lead a perfectly peaceful and happy life. MyVorld is all about planning our ‘Happiness’ that comes from choices of stay, food and companionship. This happiness is what we strive for by spending innumerable long-tiring days & nights at our work desks for decades now. This is the happiness, which is attributed to smiles, good times with friends and family, healthy mind as well as body, nutritious food and loads of memories. These choices can be further be passed down our generations for everyone to share.

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MyVorld has transformed this wish into a lifestyle that can be lived, experienced, and even shared with generations to come through a unique membership model. It allows you to find your ‘Happy Place’ and practice ‘Mindful Eating’ that you so much desire. Our ‘Happy Places’ is not about selling properties post your retirement but it’s about enjoying all the benefits of being close to nature, peaceful surroundings, and living a healthy & leisurely lifestyle at any or all the places you desire. Spend your tranquil times with your friends and family by paying a meagre membership fee.

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