In this fast changing world, we are disconnected like never before. A decade back, we were well connected and healthier, as we were spending quality time with family and friends. MyVorld is looking to build a support system with like-minded people to support each other, drawing its basis from the Indian tradition of a connected joint family. (We have looked at these 3 principles)

Three principals

  • Move more to live more – We are seeing that most of us restrict ourselves from physical activities, travel and meeting people due to our current life styles
  • Social connect – Focuses of creating and nurturing lifelong friends, where we encourage people to spend time together with family and friends. This is time without purpose, great laughter and conversations which cannot happen on telephone and social media
  • Purpose of life – We believe our purpose changes from time to time, but it should be what one loves doing or is passionate about. The focus and outcome for each day is unique for everyone. We should have something to look forward to everyday. We have seen that most of us, especially seniors give up focus or passion of doing something they want to, as they get retired from work

MyVorld looks forward to provide its members to have a choice for good happy healthy living, with options to travel & stay, bonding with family members / generations and reconnect with life.

MyVorld is an initiative where anybody can be a part of this happy healthy journey, where you can build a pathway of how you would like to stay & live when you turn senior. You should have a choice to stay where you like and with people you like, along with enjoying the culture and food you like to eat. By being a member of this community you can provide benefits to your parents and seniors along with enjoying their company.

My focus was to create a platform, which helps me connect with life, even post retirement, in a pocket friendly set-up, where you have options to travel and stay for longer durations with friends or family, experiencing different cultures, hospitality and have activities to add to your stories and memories, along with good health.